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Since 2009, citizens of VWP countries are able to travel to the US with no visa thanks to the ESTA evisa system. To be granted entry into the US, the online application process does not require you to visit the embassy.

Passport holders of VWP countries can apply to ESTA in under ten minutes. It is more difficult if you need to apply for a B1/B2 Visa or a work visa. Even for those with everything in order, it can be difficult to immigrate to the USA.

Our immigration guides will help you learn more about the process and provide great tips that will be very useful when planning your application.

United States Visa Application Guide

Many visitors to the U.S. need to apply for a visitor visa depending on which passport is being used. The visa application process can take several months, and all travelers are advised to start the visa process early to avoid any trip delays. Download the Visa Application Guide for more information about how to apply and what documents are needed.

  • Overview of the United States Visa Application
  • What is the United States Visa?
  • List of Who Can Apply and Restrictions
  • All United States Visa Requirements
  • All Documents & Forms Included
  • Step by Step Guide on How to Apply
  • All You Need to Know About the United States Visa Application

Price: $9.95

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